What we do

What we do

Structure diversified portfolios

We always maintain a diverse range of assets according to a client’s pre-determined risk profile, which target solid risk-adjusted targeted returns over a reasonable time frame.

Focus on keeping fees as low as possible

When making suggestions, we seek the most cost-effective way of implementing the asset allocation. Wherever possible, we invest in institutional classes of funds, which have much lower fees. If a suitable ETF is available, we will use it.

Maintain liquidity and transparency

Advisors and their clients will always know exactly where they stand, what they have and what to expect.


Illiquid, opaque structures, forex trading and non-listed real estate. We also avoid funds that involve asset-backed lending life insurance policies and legal financing. Land, art, wine and trees – where valuations are highly subjective – are also avoided.

Always invest in what we believe is “best”

We seek out those rare funds that rise more than their benchmarks on the way up, and fall less on the way down.

Invest with care

In the case of funds, we perform extensive research followed by strict due-diligence. We especially seek those funds where the managers have their personal wealth at stake.