Why Elgin

Lead Generation

Bespoke mailing campaigns, supporting material, services factsheets, performance charts, brochures, business cards and websites to enhance your identity and help generate enquiries. Additional support wherever possible in the form of;-

• Seminars – various presentations, both current and generic
• Client meetings – in person or via internet
• Internet based programmes under constant development

Portfolio Management

Fully qualified, regulated in-house portfolio management team responsible for asset allocation decisions on all client portfolios


Learn new skills to improve how you interpret and address clients needs


Portfolio analysis service for existing and prospective clients to answer questions you may not be able to answer


On-line portfolio valuations, library, strategies, proposal generation and much more to support you wherever you are in the world

Proposal Authoring

Personalised proposals can form a vital part of the sales process. They can help close business and clarify client expectations


A variety of regular publications to keep you, and your clients informed every step of the way


Dedicated team for all client queries to chasing commissions and business processing