Align clients interests with your own by offering an independent analysis of their existing portfolios

Portfolio analysis

Expert investment analysis of existing portfolios is probably the single most powerful sales tool available to you in the Elgin arsenal. This is relevant whether the client is already with you or with another company.

Analysis assesses whether the current portfolio structure matches the client’s risk profile and that the securities within are best-of-breed.

Our in-house team of certified financial analysts is also on hand to provide:

  • Research and analysis for market opportunities
  • Service to clients and Associates with financial queries
  • Support to the Elgin Investment Committee

Prospective and existing clients are comforted and impressed with the ability to deliver expert analysis. This also adds credibility and depth to your business that will greatly assist in client acquisition and retention.

Detailed portfolio analysis is something that very few advisors are in a position to provide. Additionally, Elgin’s experience and depth in due-diligence makes us uniquely qualified to assess many attributes of funds and products that are not obvious from just looking at a fact sheet.