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Wealth Management

Every portfolio is micro-managed by a specialist manager within pre-determined parameters set by the Elgin Investment Committee.

Clients, with permission from their advisor, have direct access to the portfolio managers for queries regarding rationale and investment decisions. In-depth financial reporting and analysis via regular statements and on-line access.

  • Strict due-diligence, risk-management and total impartiality will always be at the heart of the decision-making process when selecting assets on behalf of our clients.
  • Clear communication of risk profiling that ensures clients fully understand that we are managing according to their tolerance for risk.
  • Adherence to, and understanding of, each client’s risk profile is paramount. We will never attempt to time markets or arbitrarily alter a clients’ profile without consultation no matter what our opinion on market direction may be.

Asset Allocation

Each portfolio is diversified into a wide range of asset classes including Fixed Income, Equities, Hedge Funds, Commodities, and Real Estate.

Each underlying asset has undergone the rigorous Elgin due-diligence process to assess suitability, transparency, liquidity, performance vs. peers coupled with accounting and legal compliance prior to inclusion.