Investment Structure

Investment Structure

The structure of your investments is crucial to long-term success and many factors prevail.


  • As a minimum; tax efficiency, confidentiality, security, portability, marital status, nationality and fees should be taken into consideration before committing to anything.
  • There are too many jurisdictions in the world to list; from Switzerland, Luxembourg, the British offshore centres of The Isle of Man and Channel Islands to the various Caribbean Islands and other such exotica. Each has its pros and cons so careful selection now can avoid future issues.


  • Investors should satisfy themselves that the institution they entrust their assets to is financially sound in a well-regulated environment.
  • Whether a life insurance company structure (often useful for creating trusts) a bank or an on-line trading system is suggested Elgin will always recommend well established organisations that are in secure, regulated areas.

Type of account

  • You should always ask what does the account that holds the assets consist of? What restrictions apply? Are trust services available? Can it hold the type of assets you want to buy? What are the fees?
  • A bank for example can offer several different types of account, as can a life insurance company. Elgin will be particularly diligent in this area and ensure you are made fully aware of all terms and conditions regarding fees, commitments and restrictions.